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Private Sessions & Consultation

In the beginning, you start out with privately guided sessions. In these sessions you will learn the meditation method, and we can discuss your meditation progress and help you out. We are here for your meditation journey all the way until you reach the final goal. You are always welcome to book private sessions, also when you are an experienced meditator.

Which is the best meditation?

Group Sessions  

All group sessions are guided

In addition to privately guided sessions, we offer group sessions six days a week. All group sessions are guided by our meditation experts.

The live-guided group sessions start as early as 7am and as late as 9pm so that you can easily find a session that fits your schedule.  Once you become a member, you can join as many group sessions as you want. 

Simple meditation technique

Online Group Session Schedule

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Better Sleep Meditation

First Thursday every month 21:30–22:00

Join our weekly free, live-guided
meditation class for better sleep!

Tossing and turning in bed at night?

Still tired in the morning? Meditation can help! 


Join our Better Sleep Meditation and let our experts guide you. 


It's free and open for everyone. No previous experience required.

Meditation for better sleep

This free weekly event is a collaboration between:

Walking  Meditation

We arrange walking meditation sessions on a regular basis. We meet up at the center at Gästrikegatan 8 or some other allocated spot and meditate together while walking. A perfect activity for both body and mind! You can also join our walking meditation sessions online via Zoom and walk wherever you are. 

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Social Events

We regularly arrange retreats and meditation weekends at the center. We meditate together, have lunch and share experiences in a fun and lighthearted way.

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Workshops for groups and companies

Our workshops are customized for companies, associations and schools. We provide educational classes on the mind and guided meditation sessions where we work on the root causes of stress and worries. 

Meditation leads to inner peace. Happy people contribute to creating a harmonious and healthy environment at work, in school, and at home.

Smaller groups (up to 10 people) can come to our center. For larger groups, we can either visit you at your workplace or arrange the workshop online.

Contact us for more information about our workshops.

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