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Personally guided meditation at the center and online via Zoom

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Meditera i Stockholm

Personally guided meditation online and at our center.

Meditate as much as you want at times that fit you.

Guided Meditation

Our meditation guides have years of experience helping others and are ready to provide you with all the support you need on your journey.

We offer group classes and individual, personalized sessions 6 days a week to help you along every step of the way. 


Our Services

Meditation near me Stockholm


We use a step-by-step method that everyone can follow, no matter if you are young, old, beginner, or already an experienced meditator.

Meditation for couples Stockholm


Unlimited access to meditation between 9am-9pm online or at the center. You can book individual sessions at times that fit you.

Relax body and mind with meditation


Do you want to make meditation into a daily routine? We are here ready to guide you. Connect via Zoom where ever you are.

You can go to the  true world that exists within you when you learn  the way.

Learn meditation in Stockholm
Do you want to learn how to meditate?

Find out more about our method.

You will get an idea of how simple and easy it is to solve all your issues.

You will find that you can achieve everything you want to achieve.

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Meditation Benefits


Since I found this meditation, I have stopped looking for answers. I have found the answers, and that has changed my life.

Hildur, Architect

Do you want to change your life?
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